Plain appearance CAXA PLM project checks and accept 11 factories successfully
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On August 6, 2008, in our country the largest instrument bearing makes base Chongqing city, chongqing of enterprise of subordinate of 4 couplet group plain appearance 11 factories limited company (the following abbreviation plain appearance 11 factories) hold project of CAXA V5 PLM ceremoniously to check and accept meeting, liao Changsheng of 11 plants general manager, vise general manager pays plain appearance Jiang Yongbing of minister of ministry of Wang Yan of central line, chief engineer, technology, production the industry leader such as Hu Qiongying of section chief of division of ministry minister Li Keyun, news, and integrated ministry, total division does, 20 much people attended the member that the technical ministry project that uses a department carries out small composition and crucial user to check and accept meeting.

The conference established a project to check and accept expert group, examined a project to check and accept relevant data, listened to plain appearance executive group of project of 11 factories CAXA V5 PLM carries out the job to the project summary, groom and the report of each job such as plan of promotion of summary of applied promotion phase, all fronts application, think CAXA project executive group asks according to signed contract and technical agreement consistently, realized entire agreement function, agree with plain appearance project of 11 factories CAXA V5 PLM is passed check and accept.

General manager of 11 factories Liao Changsheng represents plain appearance, "11 factories overcame plain appearance in recent years market competition aggravate, Yuan Fucai expects the price rises considerably, the adverse element such as productivity inadequacy, although obtained outstanding management outstanding achievement, but arrive from the sale in order information and product data design, craft, in the whole business circuit that makes to production again, because lack an effective administrative platform, cannot be the information of each phase quite inside the company is better transfer application, share, formed " information Gu island " , influence growth to devising the scale that produces pattern by order or have restrict an influence certainly. The rapid growth momentum that faces the industry such as oil, chemical industry, power station, metallurgy, the company must capture key industry project to throw closely, study personalized demand of the client, through research and development new special local product is tasted, improve the measure such as craft to raise product quality and control cost, enhance the market competition ability of the product, ability ensures management outstanding achievement is ceaseless refresh. CAXA project carries out group and each branch make concerted effort, overcame historical data heavy, time limit for a project tightens task of multifarious, development wait for all sorts of difficulty, the line on the success after the effort that passes a few months, for plain appearance development of next dovish high speed of 11 factories laid an important foundation, refine management to strengthening the spirit of products plan process, had done reduce cost, managing cost, the beginning of the year of total plant of implementation plain bearing puts forward " two promote, two reduce, two rise " the target has real sense. Hope CAXA can as always support, also expect we can cooperate for a long time go down, plain instrument project of 11 factories PLM makes the example project of informatization of 4 couplet group. plain instrument project of 11 factories PLM makes the example project of informatization of 4 couplet group..
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